Supreme Inspector

Mrs. Gabrielle DeLong Hazelton, PGWAA

Grand Executive Board

Treasurer: Ms. Swift, PGHope

Secretary: Mrs. Thompson, PGWAA

Member: Mr. Morgan

Our new mascot, the Dragon, was chosen by our girls at a service camp in Seward, June 2019. 

First GWA's Motto from Mrs. Elisen's scrapbook

This is an exciting time in our Rainbow history!

After Grand Assembly 2015, we decided to take time off and focus on leadership skills, membership, and ritual work. Because of this, we do not have a Grand Worthy Advisor, Grand Officers, nor a Grand theme. 

Change is hard; the unknown can be a bit scary.  We are facing some challenges where there's no tradition, rule or Statute to guide us.  But while forging these new paths,we are going to be positive, patient and creative. After more than 50 years, it's time to reassess how we are managing this great program to give the best product and support to our 21st century girls. Rainbow gets girls ready for life, but each girl will do different things with her life.  Rainbow isn't a school where assignments are handed out.  Rainbow is a series of choices each girl can make.  She can stretch outside her comfort zone, learn something new about herself or do nothing but follow and enjoy.  As long as we stay true to the core values of Rainbow, those 10 things from Proficiency, then everything else can be thoughtfully updated, modernized, or tossed out the window. We are here to give each girl an opportunity, the rest is up to her.

Instead of traditional Grand Assembly, we will be holding workshops and service camps to improve our skills, both in and out of Rainbow, and continue serving our communities. And while 2020 has had unique challenges, we've been able to celebrate and treasure - EVERYTHING! 

We celebrate waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth. We celebrate the great w i d e  Alaskan outdoors. We celebrate the technology that brings us together from across the street and around the world. We treasure the sacrifices of our parents, teachers, grocery store clerks, and medical professionals. We treasurer our skills to serve in ways both small and large. We spread smiles and cheer with flamingos. We raise money and supplies for animal and people shelters. We make masks. Our work continues because as we help others, we each grow better and stronger every day. 

In all this change and transition, we do still have Fraternal Correspondents (Grand Reps) and a mascot.  Our current mascot was chosen by our members at the 2019 Camp in Seward, and we're excited to see all our Dragons of the North accomplish and the adventures they'll go on. Dragons are a symbol of strength, wisdom, hidden knowledge, and longevity; may this help inspire us to shape the jurisdiction we're working to become. 

Hope always awaits you.  On the sunlit hilltops above the valley of doubt, and we have a lot of doubt about our future right now.  In the corner of your heart, when it seems easier to quit.  In your conversations, when evil words creep in because there is frustration, Hope is always there.  

Honor our Past, Respond to our Present and Plan for our Future.​

Mrs. Gabrielle Hazelton


Grand Representatives


Director of Fraternal Correspondence Ms. von Birgelen







Brazil - Para

BR - Parana

BR - Sao Paulo                 Cheyenne, Juneau #3

BR - Tocantins/Maranhao

BR - West

California                         Katelyn, Nugget #13

Canada   Ischa, Juneau #3

Colorado                                  Ava, Nugget #13






Indiana                                      Dori, Juneau #3


Kansas                                 Laurel, Nugget #13


Louisiana                              Bella, Nugget #13

Maine                                   Lizzie, Nugget #13


Massachusetts                 Madeline, Juneau #3

Michigan                               Casey, Nugget #13

Mississippi                            Casey, Nugget #13

Missouri                            Madeline, Juneau #3

Montana                            Tammy, Nugget #13


Nevada                                Eireen, Juneau #3

New Hampshire                Katelyn, Nugget #13

New Jersey

New Mexico                              Dori, Juneau #3

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota                       

Ohio                                       Chloe, Nugget #13


Oregon                                 Laurel, Nugget #13



Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina                   Kaylee, Nugget #13






West Virginia