1976 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Amy Howard

14th Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: A man's feet should be planted in his own country, But his eyes should survey the world.

Colors: Red, white, and blue

Flower: Red Rose

Motto: The Time to be Happy is Now

The Grand Choir of 1976 entered the Grand Assembly Room dressed in red dresses trimmed in white lace. They marched in to the song "This is My Country" and formed a bow in the West -- then two bows, one facing South and the other North. Lastly, they formed a bow facing the Grand East. The Choir presented a beautiful blend of voices this year.

Truly spectacular was the entrance of the Grand Officers. This Bi-Centennial year they swept into the Grand Assembly Room in royal blue colonial-style dresses, with a white bodice inset, red ribbon bows and white eyelet lace trimming the neck and sleeves. The Grand Pages were also attired in colonial dresses made of red calico print, with a white apron frock. GWA Amy chose a sky blue dress, delicately trimmed in white lace. The Grandies' dresses stood out full over hoop skirts.

All entered singing "Let There be Peace on Earth." They marched to the East and then to the West where they formed the numerals 1776, then changing to 1976, depicting our Bi-Centennial year. The second formation, complete with crack, was the Liberty Bell, symbol of our country's Freedom. From the Liberty Bell, the Grand Officers formed a large rectangle and the Grand Pages unfurled a large Betsy Ross Flag.

"Old Glory may your red remain the symbol of heavenly love that is sure. May your white remain a token from the hatred we endure. May your blue and your stars ever point to the sky, over thoughts turned Godward, our aims to make high. Oh beautiful banner, long may you wave, the Flag of a people, straight, humble, and brave." -Grand Lecturer Darsha Ballenger

The Grand Assembly then sang "It's a Grand Old Flag."

Grand Reporters: Elaine, D1; Roxie, D2; Joanne, D3; Greta, D4; Melonee, D5; Missy, D6; Diane, D8.

Jr. GEB: Roné, Robin, Michell, Mary, Kim, Deloris

Grand Pages:

Sandy, SI; Kathy, GWA; Cory, Grand Deputies; Wendy, Recorder; Katy, Visiting Dignitaries; Maria, Grand North; Joni, Grand South; Linda, Grand West.

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Winona Howard

Grand Officer Dresses celebrating the United States' Bicentennial

GWA Amy during march-in.

Grand East



Once in an age, God sends to some of us a friend who loves in us,not a false imaging, an unreal character, but, looking through the rubbish of our imperfections, loves in us the divine ideal of our nature, -- loves, not the person we are, but the angel that we may be.

I imagine that I have been more fortunate than most for God has given me three such friends. They have been everything that friends could be. When I am happy or successful, they offer joy and praise. And when I am afraid or fail or grieve, they're the first to reach my side and the last to leave. As long as I can remember, they've always been there. Just standing by -- loving and caring. They are friends I can laugh with or joke with. Friends I can tell my problems to and cry with. But most important of all -- friends I can be myself with. They know my faults and love me anyway! But the best thing about my friends is that they've shared their love for a long time, not only with me, but with Rainbow all over Alaska -- So I know you'll join with me in giving them my thanks, and most importantly all the love in my heart as I dedicate this our 14th Grand Assembly to Frances Erickson and John and Sharon Caven.

There is so much I have to say, so many things I have to thank you for -- I just hope you'll accept these three little words -- I love you!!!!

Amy's PGWA jewel is described as an ivory heart, on which was placed a map of Alaska in gold. On the map are embedded three color chips of red, white, and blue, her colors, placed to represent Fairbanks, her home, Anchorage, where she was elected Grand Worthy Advisor, and Juneau, where her Grand Assembly was held.