1966 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Kathy Tibbles

4th Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: Suddenly there's a valley

Colors: Green, blue, and gold

Motto: "If you walk as a friend you will find a friend."


If you walk as a friend, you will find a friend wherever you choose to fare. If you go with mirth to a far strange land you will find that mirth is there. For the strangest part of this queer old world is that like will join with like; and who walks with love or his fellow man, an answering love will strike.

There is one who has been such a friend to Alaskan Rainbow -- One who, while giving love in great deeds of service, has not forgotten the little deeds of warmth and thoughtfulness that show true love; one who has worked incessantly to make Rainbow in Alaska the beautiful and special thing it is; one who has not asked for recognition in return for any deed. She has truly walked as a friend and has found an answering friendship in all she has met. And so this 4th Annual Grand Assembly of Alaska is gratefully and lovingly dedicated to our very dear friend and Grand Mother Advisor Berthele Elisen.

GWA Kathy kept a spectacular scrapbook during her term, measuring 23.5"X18".

A few photos are below, the rest can be found here.

Grand Officers

Front Row: Grand Drill Leader Christine Smithson, Grand Faith Jeanne Martin, GWAA Jeannine Drinkall, GWA Kathy Tibbles, Grand Charity Nancy Wimmer, Grand Hope Bonnie Reeder, Grand Assoc. Reporter Rhonda Adams.

Second Row: Grand Treasurer Fay Laurie, Grand Recorder Cathy Davis, Grand Chaplain Susan Ekemo, Grand Organist Nancy Fosnaugh, Grand Outer Observer Judy Salerno, Grand Confidential Observer Jennifer Brown, Grand Lecturer Donna Bryant, Grand Musician Gail Franklin.

Third Row: Grand Service Nancy Richmond, Grand Reporter Sylvia Harvey, Grand Assoc. Musician Jo Ann Elisen, Terri Brewis, Grand Choir Director Patty Thomasson, Grand Assoc. Choir Director Letah Childs, Ann Crow.

Fourth Row: Mrs. Harriet Benson, Grand Love Elana Ross, Grand Religion Carol Peck, Marilyn Miller, Grand Patriotism Linda Hortman, Grand Nature Dixie O'Neill, Grand Fidelity Mary Wiese, Grand Immortality Kathi Laird, Grand Historian Jackie McIntire.

Fifth Row, Grand Pages: Jane Dial, Linda Stockton, Paula Sampson, Susie Vitt, Tanya Oskolkoff, Nancy Dow, Karola Moore, Elrita Blankensop

Jr. GEB: Marilyn Miller, Terri Brewis, Ann Crow

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Berthele Elisen

Grand Officers singing

The theme "Suddenly There's a Valley" was carried out in a setting designed to give the illusion of mountains and valleys, featuring an oil painting of Mrs. Berthele Elisen in the West. The Grand Choir entered the Grand Assembly room singing "Without a Song." The Grand Choir dressed in white formals, carried large deep purple covered song books, on which the rainbow and pot of gold appeared in their colors.

The Grand Officers then entered the Grand Assembly room while the Grand Choir sang "Climb Every Mountain." The shaded Blue-green brocade hooped gowns of the Grand Officers and the gold brocade of the Grand Pages represented Grand Worthy Advisor Kathy's colors, green, blue, and gold. The gold friendship ring with blue jewels on top carried by each Grand Officer, depicted the motto of friendship.

After entering, the Grand Officers formed a valley and a mountain in the Grand West. The dedication which normally takes place at this time was held in abeyance until the reminder of the girls could arrive (Note: weather had stranded Grand Choir Director Patty and members of the Grand Choir on Annette Island; they sang to pass the time). As the Grand Officers continued their march by weaving a friendship ring, the Grand Worthy Advisor, dressed in sky-blue satin, was escorted to the Grand East where she was handed the gavel.

Grand Choir

Grand Worthy Advisor Kathy's Installation, with Arch of Steel by DeMolay

Grand Cross Designates


Kathy passed away May 29th, 2021, after a long battle with Alzheimer's.