2004 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Tara Sandberg

42nd Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: Circle of Life

Colors: Purple, Pale Yellow, and White

Flower: Pansy

Mascot: Lion King

Symbols: The Rising Sun

Motto: "To accomplish great things one must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe." -Anatole France

Scripture: Psalms 37:4

Grand Officers

GWA Tara; GWAA Samantha L.; Grand Charity Amanda; Grand Hope Brianna; Grand Faith Raven; Grand Recorder Samantha K.; Grand Treasurer Mallory; Grand Chaplain Ashley; Grand Drill Leader Sarah L.; Grand Love Candace; Grand Religion Marlena; Grand Nature Bayleen, protem; Grand Immortality, Mrs. Kristy Germain, PGWA, protem; Grand Fidelity Sheena, protem; Grand Patriotism, Christine, protem; Grand Service Brandon; Grand Confidential Observer, Katie, protem; Grand Outer Observer, Sarah J., protem.

Grand Pages

Sarah J., Grand Page to S.D.; Savannah, Grand Page to GWA; Beth, Grand Page to GWAA; Roberta, Grand Page to Grand Charity; Katrina, Grand Page to Grand Hope; Ashley, Grand Page to Grand Recorder; Katie, Grand Page to Grand East.

Grand Mother Advisor Ms. Peggy Sandberg

Grand Choir and Musician Mrs. Pat Dart

At Supreme Assembly


Jessica, Ashtin, and Chloe, all of Nugget #13.

GWA Tara's Official Visit to Juneau #3

Mr. & Mrs. Wagener's annual waltz.