1965 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Danna Poor

3rd Annual Grand Assembly

Motto: "Let a smile be your bridge to happiness."

Colors: Red & white

Dedication: We dedicate this 3rd annual Grand Assembly to our Grand Deputies. It's difficult to find the words to truly half express how much we love all of you for you're our happiness. We're sure that God made your smile out of sunshine from above, and he fashioned you a heart with unselfish Rainbow love. There's a little bit of heaven in the sweet touch of your hand, that soothes away our every worry and shows you understand. May God's blessing always be with you to bring you constant cheer; you're truly a secret and we love you, our Grand Deputies dear.

Grand Officers

Front Row: Grand Hope Nancy Wimmer, Grand Charity Sandra Hollis, GWA Danna Poor, GWAA Kathy Tibbles, Grand Faith Jeannine Drinkall

Second Row: Grand Associate Choir Director Cynthia Blissard, Grand Reporter Gaynelle Scott, Grand Drill Leader Bonnie Reeder, Grand Patriotism Jeanne Martin, Grand Nature Donna Bryant, GEB Suzanne Nichols

Third Row: Grand Chaplain Glee Casler, Grand Fidelity Marilyn Casler, Grand Outer Observer Sherryl Gisel, GEB Marine Steinard, GEB Linda Coburn, Grand Confidential Observer Ann Hall, Grand Religion Susan Ekemo

Fourth Row: Grand Treasurer Charlotte Goodwin, Grand Immortality Donna McCubbins, Grand Assoc. Reporter Ann Fackler, Grand Love Cathy Davis, Grand Reporter Fay Laurie, Grand Organist Marian Nelson, Grand Historian Lillian Dore

Fifth Row: Grand Musician Nancy Richmond, Grand Choir Director Candy Hutchins, GEB Susie Reid, Grand Service Pamela Casey, Grand Lecturer Sandra Bartles

Not Pictured: Grand Assoc. Musician Gail Franklin

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Rose Parkins

GWA Danna with Ketchikan DeMolay at her Installation

A rustic Alaskan setting of evergreen boughs and hand painted totem poles bordered the Grand Assembly Room. In the East a beautiful backdrop of Alaska done in royal blue, yellows, and greens dominated the Assembly Room making it clearly an Alaskan Grand Assembly. In the East in front of the Grand Worthy Advisor's station was a small pool over which a lovely "SMILES" bridge spanned. In this atmosphere of Alaskan heritage, Sandra Bartles, Grand Lecturer, called the Third Grand Assembly of Alaska to order.

The Grand Choir entered the Grand Assembly Room wearing floor-length white dresses with sashes the seven colors of the Rainbow. They came in singing "Getting to Know You" carrying red satin song books appliqued with white felt harps. After the opening march they continued to sing while forming the bass clef. They then assumed their places in the Grand North.

The Grand Officers then entered the Grand Assembly Room wearing red and white dresses and carrying white crosses on which single red roses appeared. The Grand Worthy Advisor wore a simple and elegant white lace dress with a red background. She carried a large red satin cross embellished with white roses. After entering, the Grand Officers formed a mouth which they pulled up into a beautiful happy smile, the theme for Grand Assembly. They also formed a cogged wheel and the Rainbow.

Grand Choir

March ins by the Grand Choir and Grand Officers

Grand Cross Designates

Grand East

It was at this Grand Assembly, during Grand Officer introductions, that our set of gold Grand Officer jewels, depicting the state of Alaska, were presented to the Grand Assembly. The presentation was narrated by PGWA Mary Halm Christmas. For three years, funds had been raised so that "someday" each Grand Officer would be able to wear the symbol of her office. The fund swelled until the GEB was able to purchase jewels to be handed out through generations of Rainbow Girls.