2005 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Samantha Kincheloe

43rd Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: Winter Dreams

Colors: Diamond white, ice blue, silver

Flower: white & silver roses

Mascot: Angel

Symbols: Snowflakes & castles

Motto: The best way to be successful is to follow the advice you give others.

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1 "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, he evidence of things not seen."

Service Project: Military appreciation

Grand Officers

GWA Samantha; GWAA Ms. Sandberg, JPGWA, protem; G.Charity Brandon; G.Hope Marlena; G.Faith Mrs. Germain, PGWA, protem; G.Recorder Ashley S.; G.Chaplain Amanda, JPGWAA, protem; G.Drill Leader Katrina; G.Love Beth; G.Religion, Teri; G.Nature Ashley C.; G.Immortality Katie; G.Fidelity Ms. Tromble, PGWA, protem; G.Patriotism Savannah; G.Service Roberta; G. Choir Director Nicole.

Grand Pages

Chelsey, GWA & Grand East; Brianne, GWAA; Tabbitha, Charity; Cora, Hope.

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Melinda Wertz

Grand Assembly Scholarship Recipient Brandon

Entrance of the Grand Choir

GWA Samantha's quilt

Worthy Advisors & Mother Advisors

Initiates: Annie and Sorcha, both of Juneau #3

Official Visit to Nugget #13


In my Rainbow life, there has been someone who has always been there. When did they come into my life? I don't know. They've just always been there. And you know what? They were a part of my mother's Rainbow life and my Aunt Amy's and even my grandmother's. "They must be older than Methuselah!" To have touched so many is a marvelous thing. And the ones that I've mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many present and past Rainbow Girls that have been touched as much as my family. They have always been there with a smile, maybe a touch on the shoulder, but always with words of encouragement. Then there were times they put their arms around me and wiped my tears. I sat around with my mom, aunt, and grandmother and they told me some very funny stories. We had a wonderful laugh session; however, time doesn't permit me to reveal them and besides I might get in trouble. So tonight I would like to dedicate this 43rd Winter Dreams Session to two people. Lucille Wagener and the King of the Bucketheads, Ray Wagener.