1989 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Jaci Snyder

27th Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: Freedom

Colors: Iceberg blue, yellow, and white

Flower: Daffodil

Mascot: Butterfly

Motto: "Life, like the seasons, changes a bit each day, with the beautiful Rainbow, that directs you on your way."

Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6

Service Project: March of Dimes

Grand Officers

GWA Jaci, GWAA Melody, G.Charity Becky, G.Hope Angela, G.Faith Tammi, G.Lecturer Teresa, G.Historian Amy, G.Chaplain Suzy P., G.Drill Leader Donita, G.Love Tosha, G.Religion Jennifer, G.Nature Christi, G.Immortality LaVon, G.Fidelity Julie, G.Patriotism Kristen, G.Service Valerie, G.Confidential Observer Suzy E., G.Outer Observer Mikie, G.Musician Rhonda, G.Assoc.Musician Kathy, G.Choir Director/Soloist Rusti.

Jr. Grand Executive Board Members: Jennifer, Gabrielle, Casey.

Grand Pages

Deanna, GWA; Elaine,Supremes & G.Recorder; Sherrie, Grand Deputies & GEB; Dea, Visiting Dignitaries; Molly, Grand West; Martha, Grand North; Jennifer, Grand South.

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Karen Snyder

GWA Jaci's quilt

Grand East

Official Visit to Juneau #3

Grand Cross Recipients

Official Visit to Sitka