1963 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Mary Halm

1st Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: New Horizons on a Golden Shore

Colors: Blue and Gold

Motto: "Following in the footsteps of our pioneers, we chose for our Grand Assembly

'Good, Better, Best

Never let it Rest

'Til your Good is Better

and Your Better is Best'"

Dedication: "With gratitude and love in our hearts, we dedicate the first Grand Assembly of Alaska to Alaskan Rainbow Pioneers. They devoted their time and love to building our Order so fine, And through their service for Him above they found the secret sublime. That genuine happiness dwells in our hearts, We need not seek it afar, in rendering service to others, We find it right where we are."

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Freida McClure

GWA Mary's Welcome: "With all the warmth, love and friendship radiating from Rainbow, we welcome you all to the First Session of the First Grand Assembly of Rainbow in Alaska. The Alaska Flag, which we formed this evening, is a symbol of the love we have for our state. It represents the fulfillment of the dreams of a great many pioneers, just as this Grand gathering represents the realization of the work of many Rainbow pioneers in our state. For this reason, we dedicate the First Grand Assembly in Alaska of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls to "Alaska Rainbow Pioneers" those who have worked for many, many years that we might have a fuller girlhood and a sweeter womanhood. We thank you for helping us make Rainbow history tonight."

Grand Choir makes a heart to "Sound of Music"

GWA Mary

Mr. Robert "Daddy" Parkins, SWA Irene Ellwanger, Mrs. Rose Parkins