1994 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Holly Morris

32nd Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: "I can see how it might be possible for someone to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how one could look up into the heavens and say there is no God."

Colors: Purple and Violet

Flower: Carnation & Pansy

Mascot: Puppies

Symbols: Love Cross

Motto: Friends like to be together, friends like to share, friends like to laugh and play, friends really care.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Grand Officers

GWA Holly, GWAA Heidi M., G.Charity Elaine, G.Hope Stephanie T., G.Faith Dana, G.Recorder Kim, G.Treasurer Tamara, G.Historian/Fidelity Tiffany, G.Lecturer Heidi E., G.Chaplain Susan, G.Drill Leader Tanya, G.Love Liesl, G.Religion Winona, G.Nature Sherrie, G.Immortality LeAnn, G. Patriotism Stacey, G.Service Desiree, G.Confidential Observer Melissa, G. Outer Observer Stephanie D., G.Musician Stephanie C., Grand Soloist Mariah, Grand Choir Director Rhonda

Jr. Grand Executive Board Members: Carolyn, Stacey, Sultana, Liesl, Jessica

Grand Pages

Lisa, Heather, Autumn, Dawn, Jeny

Grand Mother Advisor Mrs. Deanna Morris

GWA Holly's quilt, hanging in her home

Grand Cross

Grand East

Majority Recipients

Visitors include:

SWA Mrs. Margaret Kofoed

SWAA Mrs. Margaret Kenrick

Mrs. Mary McCrary, PGWA, Alaska

Rep from California - Rosalind

Rep from Washington - Bridget


In the San Luis Valley of Colorado lies many memories for my family, none so precious and so dear as those of their Masonic affiliations. During their childhood years, the Shriver children were very active with Rainbow and DeMolay. My mother and her sisters were all part of the Monte Vista Assembly, because of dedication, devotion, and love of their parents. Henry and Dorothy Shriver served many a term as Rainbow Dad, Mother Advisor, and Board members. Grandma Dorothy, Granddad, this is for you, your love of Rainbow and all that it taught your girls and granddaughters.

Grandma Dorothy and Granddad could not be present with us this evening, so I would ask all grandparents to please stand. If you are a grandparent, please stand and remain standing until a girl has brought to you a token of my appreciation. Thank you all very much, you may all be seated. Thank you for attending this Grand Session. Due to your dedication to this organization and your desire to see all of us grow in a very special way, we are here before you to present the degrees of our Order. Thank you for supporting each and every one of us.

From this beautiful valley of Colorado came two precious women who would meet later in life throughout their love of Rainbow. In Alaska they met, only to find that they grew up only thirty miles away from each other. Here in our beautiful state, they have brought their devotion for our organization, and I would like to thank them the best way I know how: I dedicate the 1994 Grand Session of the Grand Assembly of Alaska to Mrs. Dee Benner and Mrs. Deanna Morris. Thank you for your love and devotion that you have shared with each of us.