1968 Grand Session

Grand Worthy Advisor

Cathy Davis

6th Annual Grand Assembly

Theme: One Life, a Glimmer of Light Between Two Eternities

Colors: Pink, rose, & white

Motto: Everything begins with a dream


"He has not served who gathers gold,

Nor has he served whose life is told

In selfish battles he has won,

or deeds of skill that he has done;

But has served who now and then

Has helped along his fellowmen.

The world needs many men today,

Redblooded men along life's way,

with cheerful hearts and helping hands,

And with a faith that understands

The value of the simple deed

To serve another's hour of need."

Without the help of these men our Alaskan Rainbow Assemblies would not be as successful as they are today, and it is with great love and gratitude that we dedicate this Sixth Grand Assembly to our Rainbow Dads, and all Master Masons who have given many hours in service to the Rainbow Assemblies of this State. Thank you for your faith and understanding for us.

Grand Officers

1st Row: Grand Fatih Nancy Dow, Grand Hope Susie Vitt, GWA Cathy Davis, GWAA Paula Sampson, Grand Charity Linda Stockton

2nd Row: Grand Drill Leader Barbara Snodderly, Grand Recorder Jackie McIntire, Grand Religion Sandra Wiederkehr, Grand Love Gayle Peck, Grand Fidelity Alyssa Neyman, Grand Service Linda Bagley, Grand Patriotism Susan Hall, Grand Immortality Betty Potter, Grand Nature Landa Lowe, Grand Historian Jane Hanchett.

3rd Row: Grand Recorder D1 Polly Bealer, Grand Chaplain Caroline Weisser, Grand Treasurer Marilyn Watson, Grand Confidential Observer Susan Methonen, Grand Outer Observer Linda Wood, GEB Gail Howk, GEB Terry Lawyer, Grand Reporter D2 Candace Chase, Grand Reporter D4 Gretchen Triber, Grand Reporter D3 Carol Davis.

Back Row: Grand Organist Marsha Weisser, Grand Page Jody Gentles, Grand Page Betty Hall, Grand Page Sue Reeser, Grand Page Kathy Lazeration, Grand Page Susan Stassel, Grand Page Rebecca Fowler, Grand Page JoAnn Peace, Grand Page Donna Lorentzen.

Not Pictured: Grand Lecturer Claudia Douglas, Grand Musician Susan Coonjohn, Grand Associate Musician Marie Mielke, Grand Choir Director Donna Vitt, Grand Associate Choir Director Sarah Prince.

Grand Mother Advisor: Mrs. Marjorie Cloudy

Grand Choir

The Assembly Room was bordered by gold candles depicting the theme "One Life - A Glimmer of Light between Two Eternities." At the base of each candle were flowers of rose and pink and connecting them were pink streamers, carrying out the colors of pink, rose, and gold. Arching from Hope to Charity was a huge Rainbow of brilliant colors. Behind the Grand East the theme was written in gold letters on a blue background. In the West, the Grand Officers entered through a trellis adorned with pink and rose flowers.

The Grand Choir marched in singing "The Sound of Music." They wore white dresses accented by pink bows. Their choir books were of white with a gold binding, with green candles on the face.

The Grand Choir sang "The Impossible Dream" as the Grand Officers entered carrying pink satin roses encircled with pink net, and wearing dresses with light pink brocaded bodices and pink, slightly gathered skirts, accented by rose colored velveteen bows at the waist. The Grand Pages also wore light pink brocaded bodices but had rose colored skirts and pink velveteen bows at the waist.

As the Grand Officers marched in, they formed a candle with a flame, the letter "R" and a rose, and the Masonic Emblem.

Grand Worthy Advisor Cathy Davis, dressed in a pale pink sheath dress with a lace decorated train, accentuated by tiny bows, was then escorted to the East where she gave the dedication.

1968 Circle of Friendship

Circle of Friendship


Kathleen MacDonald & Pamela Damm, Ketchikan #2; Chris Howe & Georgiana Lowe, Juneau #3; Vicki Ingram, Wrangell #11; Linda Constantine, Sitka #12.